Ellen. 20. Brazil.

Things I like to do: To read books and comic books. To play video game. To watch films, anime and TV shows. To listen to music. while I clean the house. Anything I can do indoors.

My favorite things: Harry Potter. Anything by J.R.R. Tolkien. Star Wars. Star Trek. Supernatural. Sherlock. Dr Who. Batman. Aquaman. A Song of Ice and Fire. Old movies. Animations. RPG. Elves. French fries. Pizza
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avatar’s most powerful scenes → the blue spirit

"Do you think we could have been friends too?"

I still don’t understand how this show can have scenes as deep and layered as this, or have stuff like Zuko’s character arc and Sokka’s slow appreciation of how badass women can be, and then be all like “I AM NOT TOPH I AM MELON LOOORRRRD!”

good writing is how

Cuz thats how real life is, too :)